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Facts and Features

  • Custom made using the highest quality components to fit any
    greenhouse up to 42 feet wide and 350 feet long.
  • Walk-through chassis permits use of center aisle even while irrigator is operating.
  • Fully automatic with a twenty-four hour time clock or manually operated.
    Multizone touch-screen electronic programmer also available.
  • D.C. motor with speed control offers fully variable speed drive.
  • Double boom available - one boom for mist and second boom for irrigation.
  • Low pressure nozzles provide even coverage with as little as 15 psi water pressure.
  • Irrigator can be transferred to adjacent greenhouse in a Multispan Range.
  • Right and left boom sections adjust independently to accommodate crop needs.
  • Double Solenoid available.
  • Irrigator rails work efficiently with Growing Systems' Monorail Trolley Carts.

  • Economical and easy to install.
  • Monorail Trolley carts can operate on both rails, with still room to walk between carts.
  • Irrigator can be moved to adjacent greenhouses in a Multispan Range by installing an Irrigator Transfer System at the gable end. Chassis, Hose, Power Cord, and Hose Trolleys all move on a Transfer cart. Move takes a matter of minutes.

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